Splendor in the Grass
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who we are

Renny Ramakers founded Studio Droog in 2011. The studio creates concepts, spaces and products, all based on our key principles: respect for the existing, context/relevance, beauty and playfulness. Distilled to the simple idea of less+ more. The studio addresses client commissions as well as in house assignments.

The studio is committed to deliver design with a strong identity. We believe that utility and relevance do not have to come at the expense of beauty and fantasy. Every design starts with a radical re-think of a particular subject or product. Each outcome is unique and tells a story of its own.

The studio consists of in-house designers who are educated in architecture, product design and fashion: Anna Musch, Eliza Mante, Henry Roberts, Lina Marie Koeppen, Rachel Harding. Currently supported by the following interns: Jacopo di Bonaventura, Oliver Kapp and Sayme Choi. The studio is complemented with a variety of project leaders, external designers and other specialists.

what we do